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Water Damage

Flooding and other types of water damage may occur unexpectedly, wreaking havoc on your home. Excess water, if left unchecked, can pose a health risk and cause structural damage. Immediate assessment is needed to save you both money and stress. A house flood, whether caused by a broken pipe, a damaged household appliance, an overflowing washing machine, sewage backup, or just rainwater, can be catastrophic – and costly to repair.

Water damage can result from a variety of causes, including a broken dishwasher hose, a washing machine overflow, a dishwasher leak, damaged/leaking pipes, flood waters, groundwater seepage, building envelope failures (leaking roof, windows, doors, siding, etc.), and blocked toilets.

Damage produced by surface water incursion into the dwelling is termed flood damage and is typically excluded from coverage under regular homeowners’ insurance. Surface water is water that enters the home from the ground’s surface due to flood or inadequate drainage and causes loss to the home. Water damage restoration may play an important role in preventing leaks and repairing any damage to your house. Coverage for surface water intrusion into the dwelling would normally necessitate the procurement of a separate flood insurance policy.

When home water damage happens, it is common to have to replace anything that was harmed by the water. This comprises the home’s flooring, walls, and structural components, as well as personal belongings. Flooring and drywall are frequently removed, and dehumidifiers are brought in to completely dry everything. The rebuilding procedure can begin once the surface is dry.

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Common Causes of Water Damage in your Home

Water damage is frequently experienced by homeowners as a consequence of a busted pipe or a plumbing problem. Water damage can also occur when a toilet, refrigerator, washing machine, or HVAC system fails to properly drain, resulting in a flood.

The subsequent damage can be serious depending on the location of the leak and how long it takes for someone to discover it. Water from a second story or attic typically has an influence on the floors below it.

Without water, there is no life. Water, with all of its life-giving virtues, can also be a tremendously destructive natural force. If you consider all of the potential calamities that may occur on your home, water damage will almost certainly be at the top of the list.

Water damage has a wide-ranging impact on structures. Your floor may distort if water enters sections of your property where it should not be. Apartment water damage also discolors finely painted walls. All of that moisture may lead not just to mold growth within the structure, but also to vermin infestation. Worse, any water damage that is not handled quickly through water damage restoration may gradually compromise the foundation of any structure.

Water damage may sometimes be deceivingly expensive. You might assume that an inch or two of water flooding your house or company won’t cost you much, but in some circumstances, that small quantity of water has caused damage that has cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair and restore.

What Exactly is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration can be done by property management teams, building maintenance workers, or homeowners; however, calling a licensed professional water damage restoration specialist is frequently regarded as the safest option to recover water damaged items.

Water damage describes the numerous possible losses caused by water encroachment. It has the potential to induce rotting of wood, mold development, bacteria development, rusting of steel, swelling of composite lumber, de-lamination of materials such as plywood and flooring, among other things.

As a result, a water damage restoration service for water damage may be a professional phrase used to describe the water damage cleaning procedure from the first stages to the last.


Why Do You Need Water Damage Services

Working with a skilled water damage restoration business has a number of advantages. Most importantly, it guarantees that a terrible situation is not exacerbated. After a flood, professional water damage repair makes containment, cleanup, and restoration less of a burden.

Having a certified water damage service business assist you with flood damage ensures that the task is done correctly. It’s an investment in your house or company that avoids a lot of long-term upkeep and health problems. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll get a thorough cleanup rather than simply dealing with the evident damage.

Contacting an experienced water damage restoration business after a flood is one of the wisest things you can do. In addition to ensuring that the cleansing and restoration operations are performed properly, it may help reduce the stress of dealing with homeowners’ insurance providers.

EC Water Damage is the most well-regarded water damage restoration company in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Contact us anytime for a free estimate!

EC Water Damage Services


It is crucial to select an expert repair firm with water damage restoration certification. EC Water Damage offers five-star water damage restoration services and drying services in Seattle and the surrounding areas. We make certain to inspect walls, crawl spaces, and other areas where water damage might lie for weeks or months before it is discovered. The flood restoration method is identical to the water damage restoration process. The difference here is that unless the homeowner has flood insurance, they may have to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Water damage restoration is frequently preceded by a loss assessment and material appraisal. Water sensing devices such as probes and other infrared instruments are used to check the damaged area in order to detect the cause of the damage and the extent of the places involved.

The first priority is to provide emergency mitigating assistance. Controlling the water supply, removing non-salvageable objects, extracting water, and pre-cleaning affected materials are all part of the mitigation procedure. EC Water Damage restoration services would then be rendered to the property in order to dry the structure, stabilize building materials, sanitize any affected or cross-contaminated areas, and deodorize all affected places and materials. Water damage equipment, such as air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, wood floor drying systems, and sub-floor drying equipment, is left in the home once the work is finished.

The EC Water Damage drying procedure aims to keep the moisture content of damaged items below 15%, the commonly acknowledged threshold for microbiological proliferation. Drying vendors are required by industry requirements to return at regular intervals, preferably every twenty-four hours, to monitor the equipment, temperature, humidity, and moisture content of the affected walls and contents.

Full-Service Water Damage Reconstruction

EC Water Damage is a Seattle-area leader in full-service recontruction services, cleaning and repair services. We provide business and residential construction services. As a result, we are a one-of-a-kind one-stop shop for loss reduction and reconstruction services. We understand that repairing and rebuilding properties damaged by water, mildew, or storms necessitates a high degree of skill in order to process the claim swiftly and successfully.

We understand that repairing and rebuilding structures damaged by water, fire, mold, or storm requires a high level of expertise. For residential and commercial construction, EC Water Damage meets all state licensing and insurance requirements and is fully qualified to provide a full range of reconstruction services at an affordable cost.


Water Removal Services

EC Water Damage Water Removal Services delivers fast emergency services to business and residential clients in the Seattle region and surrounding suburbs of Washington.

We provide emergency clean up services for all types of unexpected water damage, including small plumbing leaks, large plumbing breaches, flooded basements, sewage backups, toilet and bath overflows, and much more.


Ceiling Water Damage Repair/Restoration

Water damage to the ceiling is not something you want to put off or neglect. Allowing water to collect, whether from an external or interior source, might lead to mold development and structural instability, potentially resulting in a ceiling collapse.




Leak Prevention Services

Leaking pipes or fittings are an emergency repair that cannot be postponed. Water leaks may cause significant damage to ceilings, floors, and furnishings, and they are sometimes difficult to detect and diagnose. Leak detection and repair is an art as well as a science, and the professionals at EC Water Damage have vast expertise locating and correcting every type of plumbing leak conceivable.

Finding a leak is critical, but it is also critical to avoid harming your home or causing more difficulties. The leak detection procedure begins with an inspection to discover visual signs of water leaking. If the leak location is obvious, we will apply a patch or tighten a joint to repair or replace the leaking pipe, fixture, or connector.

Locating a leak might be difficult in several cases. The sewer lines and water pipe system in your house run through numerous regions inside the structure, including the walls, attic, and underneath the flooring. Our professionals employ cutting-edge diagnostic technology to pinpoint the precise site of the leak.

Pressure testing is an important technique for determining whether or not your water pressure is balanced. We’ll need this information to determine if the leak is on the cold or hot water side of the system. We will also utilize moisture probes and sensors put in various locations to detect spots where there is unexplained moisture or standing water.

After determining the source of the leak, our professionals will devise a strategy and offer you with an estimate. Our professional plumbers will return your sewage and water delivery systems to full performance, whether it’s a simple leak repair or a project that necessitates substantial repiping. At EC Water Damage, no job is considered complete until you are completely 100% satisfied.



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